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This arizona walnut root burl appeared to be an excavated black bomb with tentacles when i found it loitering near the 55 gallon tubs of water thatpreserve my green wood burls.  It had probably been sunbathing in the high desert of New Mexico for 5 years. 

19 inches X  14 inches

Fire and then flooding is nature at its most dramatic. It was a bonus for wood turning!

Flooding happens often in our valley. Either after heavy rains from the summer monsoon season or a warm rain on the snow pack in winter. This is one source of gathering wood to create Kenny's one of a kind art pieces.
         The  Luminescence of Box Elder Burl Wood

                                Box elder root burl
                        20in./50 cm tall  14in/35 cm max diameter

Box Elder after Kenny has turned, soaked, picked and polished.

                                   alligator juniper burl
                      21 in./53cm tall      9in./23cm dia. max

white oak burl
6i./15 cm tall        8in./ 20cm dia
price:  $480 + shipping

           Juniper Burls in their natural state.
                                   Box Elder in the raw.

It takes 6 months to a year for Kenny to complete one of his beautiful turned wood sculptures. He works from a potters 'eye', which he was for 45 years. He now excavates burls and root burls to uncover the beauty hidden within.
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