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 Behr Art Gallery and Gifts features an eclectic collection of art, crafts, collectables, imports and represents several local artists.   

       T Shirt's in  limited colors, patterns and sizes - Sale: $15 each

Sterling Silver and Gem Stone inlay jewelry, earrings and pendants: $55 - $115.

Raven Fountain - $95.

Flint Wallace's Juniper Coat Rack, Kenny Behr's Turned Wood, Neils Mandoe's "Wood Landscapes", Zane Palmer's Juniper Cutting Boards; inside Gallery #2 and Workshop Space


Opals, turquoise, moonstone and sterling silver: $22. - $28.
Beth Behr Menczer's Decorative Bowls
Each approximately 6 1/2" diameter.

$95. with a metal stand
Kenny Behr's Sculptural Turned Wood Vessels
Prices: $210 - $2800.
Photos available upon request

Other items available: Dichroic glass pendants and earrings, beaded bracelets, necklaces, purses, silk scarves, sterling silver jewelry and crystal prisms. Specialty items such as hand blown glass "Friendship Balls", metal animal solar lights, art from Mexico, antiques, house plants and more.
                                    Crystal Prisms  With High Brilliance and Sparkle
       Several different shapes and most are 40mm and larger - $8. - $18 each

Zane Palmer's new juniper cutting boards: $25 - $65

Behr Art Gallery  is a medley of visual delights, beginning with a fanciful 'found object' sculpture  garden along the brick lined path to this hidden gem.
The Gallery walls are adorned with a unique collection of art, crafts and gifts from near and far. It is housed in a  rock building that  once served as a water cistern. It has been transformed into an exquisite gallery featuring three generations of the Behr family artwork and represents several regional artists as well.

The Behr Family Artists:
Beth Augusta Behr Menczer - Clay Sculptures, Collages,Tee Shirts, Note Cards
Kenny Behr Menczer - Sculptural Wood Turned Vessels
Jesse Behr Menczer - Photography
Norma Behr Menczer - Collages
Lydia Behr Sugarman - Paintings
William Behr Menczer - Photography

Local Artists:

Lanora Elmer - Gourd ornaments, Copper jewelry, fabric flowers, earrings and rings
Rosemary Montijo Bush - Fantastical Bird Houses and Mobiles
Jeff Ross - Imaginative "Desert Debris" Sculptures
Zane Palmer - Juniper Furniture and Cutting Boards.
D.J. - Stained Glass Sun Catchers
Diana  Ingalls - Note Cards (reproductions of her paintings)
Loris Garber - Landscape Paintings
Ginny Murphy - Wildlife and Landscape paintings
Flint Wallace - Juniper furniture
Helmut Burleston - Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry
Robbie McKeen - Re-purpose Art


Beaded bracelets with Velcro closures - $20;      Beaded purse with zipper closure - $25
Tibetan Silver Dragon Bracelets - $35 - $45;  Fetish Necklace (bone with turquoise) - $95
.Fetish Horse earrings - $20.;        Sterling Silver Pendant with amethyst and larimar - $95.           

       Jeff Ross's "Desert Debris" Bird Sculptures are meticulously constructed using: seed pods, sticks, thorns and then painted to bring them to life. - $34.

New Arrivals every week:
Sterling Silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Silk Scarves, Cashmere/Silk shawls, hand blown glass "Friendship Balls", and more.
Stop by and see Kenny Behr's new "Wood Vessels"

All Major Credit Cards, Cash, Money Orders and Personal Checks are accepted.

Special gift bags are available

Shipping: The customer will be charged the cost of postage.
Handling: $2.95 per parcel

New Mexico Sales tax will be added to  all  in state purchases.
Photo Credits: Beth Menczer and Kenny Menczer
Homemade Soaps; gifts, handcrafted items, local artisans, antiques, collectables, window prisms, wood turnings, t-shirts, dichroic glass pendants, sterling silver jewelry........and much more.

Visitors to the Gallery are welcome.

Please call to be sure, that the dog and horses are in their pens and the gate is open.

To Make a Purchase or place a special  order or  if you have  questions, please email or call me: